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Ministry of Life

Founded in 2008, we provide alternative educational opportunities to young people aged 11 to 25 in South Wales, by introducing them to social entrepreneurship, developing skills for employment, and providing ties to gain event and project management experience.


Running for the past 11 years, the growth of MOL has gone uninterrupted. The continuous demand for our services has provided valuable experience, and allowed us to build amazing relationships within the community and a prestigious reputation as a service provider.

Ministry of Life is a community interest group that specialise in creative, musical and entrepreneurial activities.

Aims and Objectives:

To use a dynamic music and arts approach as an engagement tool to empower young people by challenging social issues, breaking down social barriers, nurturing artistic talent and encouraging positive progression routes.

To provide training for young people to gain accreditations and qualifications from entry level to level 3 in business studies and music technology.

Over the past 10 years we have delivered many projects and events such as:

Music workshops - Creative and Musical workshops focus on the artistic talents of the young people we work with. The sessions primarily consist of lyric writing, recording, singing, rapping, guitar lessons and business plan writing.

Community Festivals - These festivals run throughout the year taking place all over Cardiff. These mini festivals are an opportunity for young people to volunteer and/or get involved in something positive. The festivals are widely supported by CCHA, South Wales Police and many other organisations running throughout Cardiff.

Entrepreneurial workshops - Working alongside Breakthrough Wales, MoL has been delivering bespoke sessions that are packed with productivity and great ideas. We believe that everyone has the capability to help others and better themselves. These sessions are dedicated to that ethos and have been running smoothly for some time with great results.

Accreditations - MOL have delivered over 170 Agored Cymru, Community Music Wales accreditations and BTEC level 1,2 and 3.

Here at Ministry of Life, we pride ourselves on the progress and of the young people we have worked with and will continue to do so.

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